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Retaining Walls South West Adelaide

Retaining walls should hold the soil behind it especially in an uneven terrain it is more important for a retaining wall to be of quality construction. Retaining walls south west Adelaide uses materials like concrete, timbers or rocks. The life spans depends on the materials and the quality of construction. There are several factors to be considered before building a retaining wall such as whether the type of soil whether is sand or clay and the construction above the retaining wall like perhaps a pool or pathway or driveway. The ground above the wall also determines the type of construction, whether it is level or sloped.

The height of the wall should also be taken into account and determines whether the wall should be a gravity or reinforced retaining walls. Retaining walls south west Adelaide has quality construction people to help you build the correct type of wall within budget and on time. Gravity retaining walls are common and use their own weight and setback to retain the soil and are much shorter in height. With the help of certified people and following local regulations you can be assured of a quality construction.


Different types of materials are used for retaining walls south west Adelaide and amongst them wood, stones and boulders are common. Concrete blocks  are also used. With various options available and with the help of expert professionals you can create beautiful retaining walls that will stand the test of time.With concrete sleeper and concrete panel retaining walls  in use construction in difficult sites or in larger slopes can now be done by experienced professionals.

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