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Post And Rail Fencing Adelaide

We are specialists in post and rail fencing Adelaide. made from sturdy durable material they will enhance the value and prestige of your property. With professional precuts and highly experienced professional people for quick and efficient installation we take care of all aspects of post and rail fencing from digging up post holes to final fencing to your satisfaction. Without compromising on the imitation timber by choosing concrete fencing you are assured of a real post and rail fencing. With superior and approved quality the fencing adds extra protection against termites and decay.

Post and rail fencing Adelaide will give a fair, accurate and comprehensive quote so you can be sure of the costs . We will advise you on how many rails you need and and how high you want the top of the rail to be and choose the best post spacing. We can give a clear plan showing all the gate openings, or special entrances if you so require them. The cost will vary with the number of rails, rail length and rail height. Requiring low maintenance our post and rail fencing once treated initially will be there for a long period of time.


Post and rail fencing Adelaide is a good choice when you are getting a high quality fence built with top class materials. The most common design is hard wood rails with treated pine posts. A top rail would add durability and strength, enhance the value and make it more safer. There is also a mortised option available and is good for front fencing, around houses and for drive ways. Holes should be dug by professionals or the whole fencing effort will be wasted. With the correct depth and strengthening of the posts , your post and rail fence should serve you for a long time.

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